Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting Older

No one told me that getting older would be such a pain. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being 30 again.

For some reason since I turned 40 my body had decided to turn against me. First I started pulling muscles in my shoulder and my neck causing migraine headaches to appear for days at a time and now I am having severe troubles with my left kidney, been on medications for 3 weeks now with no ease of the pain in my back.

On the up side my kids are growing up and I am able to go with my husband more often. He's a truck driver and travels from Ontario here to various East Coast locations in the U.S.A., mostly New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and sometimes Massachusetts.

I have 3 great kids, Cassie who is 19 years old, Tiffany who is 15 years old and Dustin who will be 14 in January. Of course they have their days when I don't think they are so great, but then one of them will say something that lets me know they are.

For instance my daughter Tiffany came home from school on Wednesday and said, "Mom if you need a new kidney you can have one of mine. I've thought about it all day and if you need it, it's yours." I was almost in tears.

Okay so now that I have my own blog I just need to try to figure out how to upload pictures and try to remember to post, lol. If anyone has any suggestions on how to find the time to post regularly feel free to send them over!

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