Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just some pics of things I've been working on while I've been a bad!

Also as embarrassing as it is, though I am only human and I admit I was sometimes a stupid teenager, I am also finally working on getting my grade 12. It is a slow and painful process, one I wish I would have done when I was a teenager. I find it very hard to work on this at home. Only two more courses to do but I must tell you it would really help if my memory would quit failing me.

Oh well, there I feel much better admitting that. So if anyone who reads this has recently quit school make sure you go back now before you are in my shoes wishing you had gone back years ago as I know it was really so much easier then than it is now.


My Bad

I just can't seem to win for losing. If it isn't one thing then it is another. Going to try to set myself up a time table to see if I can manage to start doing all the things I say I want to do. I'm a bad blogger, hopefully one day I'll become a better one.

2010 sucked big time. The only cool thing that happened was I became a grandmother. Other than that I got laid off from my job and still haven't managed to find another one :-( so money is tight. I haven't even picked up a loom in a year, but one of my daughter's friends has just announced that she is expecting so I think I will see about making her something for the baby. I'm thinking booties, a hat, and maybe a little sweater.

I hope everyone has had a better few years than I have had and here's praying I can become a better blogger.

Sending everyone well wishes and prayers for you and yours.