Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Cleaning / Organizing

I did find a few things to do yesterday.

I did a major clean up of the dog pen outside, hubby hasn't been keeping up on it so I got tired of looking at the mess and took over.  Took me about an hour, will definitely start trying to do this weekly if not a few times a week.

I made a pork roast with potatoes, onions and carrots in the crock pot, which the left overs are being turned into soup for today!

I cleaned the worst two junk drawers in the kitchen as well.

I also had to have a chat with other family members about putting their own things away and to quit cluttering up my clean spaces.  No they weren't happy about it, but I need them to at least do that much!

So far today, I've started my soup, did up the morning dishes, fed the dog, took out the recycle for pick up and started knitting a chenille blanket for my bed on my Martha Stewart Loom all the straight pieces and the two semi circle pieces together.  This should give me a blanket that is pretty close to 6 feet in width!

Have a great day everyone

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