Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Couple of small projects

Here are a couple of small projects I've finished recently.

This mirror was in our 2 piece bath.  I think it was the cheapest thing that the previous owner left!  It looked like it was a gold metal frame, but upon closer inspection we realized it was just cheap plastic.  So I decided to paint it.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the before.

I've also decided to try my hand at pyrography/woodburning.  I've wanted to try this since I was a teenager, but never did.  This is my first project.  It was really too small to do any type of shading, but I think it is a decent start, and I liked it so I can see many more projects with it in my future!  

I'm not sure how long it will be before I have something else to show as the weather is turning extremely nice now and all I want to do is go and ride my motorcycle.  If we get rainy days I have lots of things I need to work on around here, so I will have things to share, just not sure how often.

Thanks for looking!

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