Monday, August 27, 2012


Wow I can't believe it's been over two months since I've posted, sorry about that, it's been a busy summer.  Between babysitting, motorcycle riding, job hunting (nothing yet), yard work and the list goes!  I just never seem to have enough hours in the day for anything constructive.
  I don't have any pictures to share today but I would like to share some Sandwich Maker information with you.

Your sandwich maker isn't just for sandwiches anymore! :)

My friend Sandy was talking about some creations she had been creating in her sandwich maker so I thought what the heck it sounds easy enough, but alas I didn't have a sandwich maker, so I asked around and discovered my daughter had one she had only used once.  I have since confiscated!    Have you ever wanted to make muffins on a hot summer day, but didn't want to heat up the house?  That seems to be the only time I want baked goods is on really hot summer days, lol!  Well if you are like me you can still have those muffins, not heat up your home and you can cook a dozen in less time than the usual 15 to 20 minutes you have to do it in the oven.  All you have to do is make your batter, place it in the sandwich maker and close the lid for approximately 3 or 4 minutes.

My idea was to make Homemade Pizza Pockets.  All I did was use some canned spaghetti sauce and a knife to spread it on two pieces of bread, add some meat (my first meat one was with bologna because that was what was in the fridge) then I added some cheese.  I placed the second piece of bread on top and put it into the sandwich maker.  Yet again close it for about 3 or 4 minutes and voila you have a quick and easy homemade pizza pocket, this way you can be pretty sure how healthy you and your children are eating.

I hope you will try the above tips and let me know what you think.

As always I wish you health, wealth and happiness!

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