Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looming Madness

The looming bug has a really good hold on me. I've been working on the looms for several months now and I just seem to keep pumping stuff out. I'm really going to have to put my camera to work soon so I can get pics of everything I've created so far.

I recently created a ski mask for my son, but there were a few issues with it so I think once my Christmas knitting is done I will work those issues out and make a pattern for it for others to use. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who gets requests for these cold weather items.

Since it seems Michaels in Canada doesn't like to bring in too many knitting looms, I created my own flower loom using the basic idea from Pam's blog: , she has some really creative ideas on how to make your own small looms. My version of the flower loom only cost around $3.00. I bought a roll of packing tape at the dollar store and I got 12 large cotter pins. Since my cotter pins were so big I couldn't hammer them into my packing tape like Pam did so I marked out where I wanted my pins to go then I used some masking tape to tape them to the packing tape. I'll be able to recycle this one day after I go to the USA and get myself a real flower loom but for now it is working pretty good as long as I am careful not to wrap too tight.

I am also working on making myself a small guage adjustable knitting board, hopefully I will have all my materials together soon. I got some wood yesterday, but I seem to be having issues find cotter pins in any great supply so when I go past a hardware store I've been stopping in and buying the ones that I can, so far I've gone to 4 different ones so I am starting to run out of options - there are still 2 more to try locally. If I can't get them there I will have to try Windsor.

**Update on Medical Condition: The anti-inflamatories didn't do one darn thing so I get to go see Dr. Gruneir now. My family doctor believes this mass is pulling down on my internal organs and that is what is causing me so much pain.

All I can say is this is rediculous - I have been having severe pain for the past 6 weeks, all I want is to get this fixed. I refuse to live like this much longer. My next dr's appointment is next Tuesday with the new doctor, hopefully this will get things moving along to get this fixed.

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