Saturday, November 8, 2008


I talked my hubby into taking me to Michigan yesterday! I went to the Joann's on Eureka Road and came home with the KK Flower Loom, the KK Spool Knitter, KK loom clips and some RR Symphony yarn (I wasn't going to get more yarn but who can turn down $1.00 each for 100 gram ball).

Now I can make Brenda Myer's Christmas decorations. I can hardly wait. I want to make some for all our family members.

Today I bought the yarn for them at my local Walmart as well as all kinds of little things to dress them up.

I just finished another shawl on my yellow KK round loom, but as it is a Christmas gift I can not post a picture.

Just wanted to share my excitement. I am off to create something on my new looms!


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